A small selection of products and projects we're working on at the moment. 

 Mobile Meeting Docking Station for iPhone

Mobile meeting dock

We increasingly use our mobile phones for video meetings, but often the quality suffers compared to using your laptop or a telepresence unit. We set out to see how easily and cheaply we could create a better mobile meeting experience and the Dock is a result of that. 

The Dock is entirely printed on our 3D printer, except for the wide-angle lens. It features a built-in audio horn for amplification of the sound and the lens makes sure more people will fit in the screen. A pretty simple way to make mobile meetings better.

Screenshot 2016-07-12 12.04.53.png


MONICA is going to be the digital team member of the future. An AI for teams, an extended team brain that has access to company information and data, and learns from how you and your colleagues work. 

MONICA changes how meetings work by performing tasks like taking action items, following up on to-dos, searching for relevant people in the organization and presenting content without having to connect cables, just say "Monica, show the presentation Dylan shared last week" and Monica will find it. 

Cisco's telepresence systems are a perfect place to display results of queries and the Spark bot makes sure MONICA is omni-present, where ever you work. 


The Mugg app

Mugg is an app that lets you share moments from your work, conferences, meetings, etc. with your close team. We made Mugg because being a remote team in different time zones, it's often hard to catch up informally when you don't want to setup meetings all the time or just randomly call up your colleagues to disturb them. 

Mugg is built on the Spark platform APIs to easily enable posting to the team rooms you already have in Spark without having to create new teams in Mugg.