Since 2014, we have been building new collaboration products and experimented with new technologies to figure out how work is changing and how we can make sure Cisco is on the edge of that disruption. 


About Us

Collaboration products have the power to make individuals, teams and entire companies more efficient. The products Cisco build and sells have to ability to make our customers save money on travels, create closer ties between team members and unlock creativity by not having to spend time and energy on the technical challenges of getting meetings setup and run. 

Cisco Emerge was created to look beyond our current product portfolio and anticipate what technological and societal changes are affecting team work and collaboration. We do this by looking at other industries and the changes going on there, by talking to startups and customers, and by testing the latest technologies that might impact our business in the future. Based on those insights, we develop our own ideas for new Cisco products, design and develop those with feedback from inside and outside our own organization.   

The team